Happy 2011!

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Happy 2011! I would just like to wish everyone much happiness, joy, health, and success in this new year. May it bring many blessings to us all.

As for what lies ahead, 2011 is starting off as a busy year. The Money Laundering print, HOPE, and PROGRESS serigraphs will be all published. There are a number of exhibitions that are in the planning stage, and of course, I am working and developing new ideas for new artworks all the time. So I wish you all the very best.

Warm regards,


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  1. temi marx says:

    hi steve….happy new year to you………….i am up in new jersey now and freezing to death….had a small blizzard today and spent the day getting organized for the coming year…working on a new web site….hope you are doing well …..i would love to see some of your new works……miss you and the art in miami…..fondly, temi

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