Busy, busy in Berlin

It’s been busy, busy since I arrived in Berlin on Sunday, June 26th, and I have not been able to update the website as often as I would like. the We began the project on Monday, June 27th by taking apart the Mercedes. This took roughly 3 1/2 days to do. The Trabant did not arrive until later in the week. After being all day at the bodyshop, I would come home and begin my search to find an apartment that I could rent for a longer term. The accomodations where I was staying when I arrived were only temporary and I had to be out by Thursday evening. So with a deadline at hand, I had to find something quickly and this involved looking on the internet, trying to get in contact with people, setting up appointments, and seeing the apartments. Luckily I was able to find something decent before I had to be out.

So the first week I was pretty busy. During the weekend, I had no desire to do anything and took a much needed break after 3 to 4 weeks of packing, rushing, and a lot of stress. The 2nd week for the project in Berlin is almost over and again it has been long days and late hours at the bodyshop and coming home to try to get other affairs accomplished. I hope to get some new images up by the weekend. So stay tuned, I got some great pictures of how the project is developing that I will be posting very soon! To see the development of the project and read daily accounts of what we accomplish by going to the Eins Werden page which is the window to the project’s image galleries as well as blog .

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  1. Eder A. says:

    Hey Herr Gagnon! I was going to ask you about your life, but this blog pretty much answered all my questions. Good luck and look forward for an email I will be writing soon.

  2. DerekTNG says:


    Glad to see you’re doing so well.

    Do your best to keep up with the blog.

    Enjoying your piece in my new office here in Miami. Great work!

    Hope all continues to be well.

    Derek Newton

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